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Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Medicare

The public healthcare program Medicare is available to those US residents 65 and over, but there are some aspects of it that some people may be unaware of. 1 Medicare comes with premiums The majority of those enrolled in Medicare have to pay monthly premiums, which...

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Why Should I Purchase a Personal Umbrella?

I have been selling property and casualty insurance in Arizona on a continuous basis for thirty-eight years. In addition to actively procuring insurance for clients, I teach insurance at a local community college, teach insurance professionals for continuing education...

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When Does A Home-Based Hobby Become a Business?

Over 40 million people work full or part time out of their home. Many of these people do not realize that they have no homeowners insurance liability coverage if they were to have a business guest come to their home, and that guest suffered an injury claim as a result...

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Independent Contractor or Employee?

This is the question faced by many employers as they struggle to classify their workers correctly? Employment lawsuits are on the rise with employees and former employees bringing litigation on employers. In addition when the classification is incorrect there are...

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