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Why You Need Vintage Car Insurance

No matter what kind of coveted collector vehicle you own, it is vital to do everything possible to ensure that investment is protected and to make sure that your prized car can continue to provide you with many years of enjoyment and fun. Protecting that investment not only means ensuring the vehicle is kept clean, sheltered and well maintained, but also that you have the right old car insurance in place. Standard car insurance is unable to keep pace with such vehicles, the tender loving care they need or the values they are able to command, making it a good idea for owners to seek out actual Collector Car Insurance Companies.

vintage car

Antique Car Insurance Companies Exist to Protect Older Vehicles

They exist to protect a valuable older vehicle, with that value able to be enhanced or gained if a vehicle is in demand, has been carefully restored, and is well taken off, rarely driven, and displayed at auto shows.

However anytime a vehicle is used, an accident is a possibility, which is why Vintage Car Insurance is so important. Old Car Insurance is available in two basic types – antique car insurance and classic car insurance, with the vehicle’s age being the primary difference between the two. Classic cars need to be a minimum of ten years old and priced at the same or higher price as when first purchased, and antique cars, which represent the majority of collector vehicles, are older. Collector Car Insurance Companies will require that a vintage car not be used as the main driving vehicle.

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