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Common Insurance Questions to Determine

Proper Insurance Coverage

Determining the right insurance coverage can be difficult. At Ideal Insurance, we take time to sit down and truly get to know our clients. Over the last 30 years, we have learned that not all insurance agents provide the right advice for their clients. At Ideal Insurance Agency, we are committed to not only providing proper coverage to our clients, but we also make sure to educate our clients on why this coverage is needed. Below is list of common questions that we ask our clients during our meetings. We encourage you to review this list and prepare in advance to sit down with one of our highly trained insurance agents.

This list of questions is not designed to be all-inclusive, but rather to bring awareness to questions often overlooked by insurance producers and clients when preparing customized insurance programs for personal and business insurance risks.

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How Much Liability Do I Need?

  1. How much money do you have in your retirement account?
  2. How much equity is in your primary residence?
  3. How much is in your personal savings/checking account?
  4. What are the expectations of your future wages?
  5. What other assets do you own?
  6. You Could Lose in a Lawsuit without proper coverage?


1. When does a home-based hobby become a business?
2. Why do I need to endorse personal injury liability on my homeowners policy?
3. Do I need additional or different coverage when I conduct business from my home?
4. Do I have a coverage for a separate building at my home where I conduct business?
5. How much coverage is there for water back-up on an unendorsed home-owners policy?
6. Why should I consider scheduling my jewelry? coin collection? guns? fine arts?
7. Do I have coverage for my ATV under my homeowners policy?
8. What is the difference between replacement cost and guaranteed replacement cost?

9. Is the replacement cost to rebuild my home the same as the market price?
10. Is my computer that I use in business covered under my homeowners policy?
11. Do I have coverage if I have a client come over to my house for business and my dog bites my client?
12. Do I have service line coverage?
13. If I belong to a homeowners association, how much assessment coverage is on my homeowners policy? (How much liability coverage does my Association carry?)
14. Do I need flood coverage?
15. Do I need earthquake and earth movement coverage?

Personal Auto Policy

  1. What is the Family Purpose Doctrine and how does it affect me?
  2. What if I use my vehicle in my business is it covered under my personal auto policy if I have an accident?
  3. Do I have coverage if I rent a vehicle in another country other than the United States, its territories or Canada?
  4. What if my employee is using their personal vehicle on company time and has an accident? Do I have coverage as the business owner?

Personal Umbrella

  1. How does a personal umbrella increase the limits over home, dwelling fire, personal autos, and both licensed and unlicensed recreational vehicles?
  2. Does a personal umbrella have worldwide coverage?
  3. If I am hurt in an accident in Mexico, and the other party is at fault, can I bring a lawsuit in the United States or do I have to bring it in Mexico?
  4. Under a Mexican Policy how much liability coverage do I have if someone gets hurt in my vehicle and brings a lawsuit against me? How will my personal umbrella react to a Mexican Policy?
  5. Why should I strongly consider a personal umbrella if I have any rental property?
  6. Will my personal umbrella cover my uninsured/underinsured exposure?

Business Liability

  1. What does my General Liability Policy Cover?
  2. Does my company need Professional Liability?
  3. Does my organization need Directors and Officers (D & 0} Coverage?
  4. Does my company need Cyber-Liability?
  5. Does my company need Pollution Liability?
  6. Does my company need Employment Practice Liability?
  7. Does my company need Employee Benefit Liability?
  8. How do I protect my company when my employees use their own vehicles for my company business?

Business Personal Property (Contents)

  1. What is the difference between Actual Cash Value (ACV} and Replacement Cost (RC)?
  2. When should I consider having my business personal property covered under an inland marine policy instead of a contents policy?
  3. What is this co-insurance (80%, 90%, 100%) on my business personal property?
  4. Should I consider blanketing my business personal property?

Inland Marine

  1. Do I need tools & equipment coverage?
  2. Do I need motor truck cargo coverage?
  3. Do I need an installation floater?
  4. Do 1 need contractor’s equipment coverage?
  5. Do 1 need any other type of inland marine coverage?

Business Income Coverage

  1. What is business income coverage?
  2. Does my business rely on any supplier or anchor tenant for more than 25% of my gross sales? If they had a catastrophic loss how would it effect my business?
  3. How much coverage do I need to keep my business going if there is a catastrophic loss, and I have no income coming in for a period?

Workers’ Compensation

  1. There are three parts to a workers compensation policy (employers liability, medical and indemnity). What do the coverage parts cover?
  2. What can I do as a business owner to keep my rates low?
  3. As a business owner, should I include or exclude myself? Why or Why not?

Business Auto

  1. Does coverage extend from my business auto if I rent a vehicle?
  2. Is there coverage for my business if an employee has an at fault accident in the employee’s auto?
  3. Do I have coverage under my business auto policy if someone allows me to borrow their vehicle, and I have an at fault accident in their vehicle?
  4. Are the trailers I pull automatically covered for liability and physical damage covered from my vehicle pulling them?

Garage Liability & Garage-keepers

  1. Does my business ever have other people’s vehicles in my care, custody, or control?
  2. Do my employees or I ever drive other people’s vehicles?
  3. Does my business ever work on other people’s vehicles?

Commercial Umbrella

  1. What lines of coverage does a commercial umbrella go over (General Liability, Commercial Auto, Employers Liability, Pollution, Employment Practice Liability, etc.)?
  2. At what level of liability does an umbrella trigger?
  3. What is drop-down coverage?
  4. What is the territory for a commercial umbrella?

Business Income Coverage

  1. What is business income coverage?
  2. Does my business rely on any supplier or anchor tenant for more than 25% of my gross sales? If they had a catastrophic loss how would it effect my business?
  3. How much coverage do I need to keep my business going if there is a catastrophic loss, and I have no income coming in for a period?

Disability Insurance

  1. Why do I need to consider overhead when I buy a disability policy?
  2. Why should funding a disability policy be considered when drafting a buy-sell agreement with
  3. my partner?
  4. How much disability should I purchase?
  5. Why should I carry a disability policy if I am already covered under worker’s compensation?

Key Person Life Insurance

  1. Why should I consider key person insurance for myself? My partner? An exceptional employee?
  2. What is a buy-sell agreement and why should I have one?

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