Medicare Advantage

What Is A Medicare Advantage Plan?

Medicare Advantage is a type of Medicare plan (Plan C) that is actually administered by a private healthcare company. Why would someone want a private healthcare company to administer their Medicare insurance? Sometimes these private insurance companies offer better benefits than original Medicare and a Medicare Supplement Plan might otherwise offer.

Medicare Advantage Plan Surprise AZ
Some of the challenges with original Medicare is that there are no out of pocket maximums. Medicare works on a true 80/20 system meaning they cover 80% of your qualifying healthcare provider charges and you are responsible for the remaining 20%. With a Medicare Advantage plan, they will work with an in-network provider and cover the entire thing. This means that you only have one plan to work with versus original Medicare where you might have a Supplement Plan and a Prescription Drug (Part D) plan. Most people say it is much easier to be on a Medicare Advantage plan than going with another option.

Another benefit of a Medicare Advantage plan is that they typically have a prescription drug plan built in. Most stand-alone prescription drug plans have so many rules to follow. With a Medicare Advantage plan, it is much easier to manage your healthcare and prescriptions.

Lastly, most of these private insurance companies offer additional benefits such as hearing, dental, vision as a part of your monthly premium. Granted, not all plans offer these amenities if you will, so it is important to speak with the licensed insurance representatives at Ideal Insurance to help you navigate the complexities of Medicare!

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Taking care of your health is important, and with the Medicare Advantage program, you are able to access Medicare services in a more cost effective way. As one of the leading Medicare Advantage insurance plan providers in Surprise and Glendale Arizona, Ideal Insurance Agency provides quality service that allows you to get the most out of your health care and benefits. Our licensed agents are highly trained to manage even the most complex situations, so if you thought that health coverage was out of reach, we will help you to find the ideal plan to suit your circumstances.

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As one of Arizona’s leading sources for information on Medicare Advantage Plans, Ideal Insurance Agency has the experience you need to find a plan to minimize your out of pocket exposure. Our licensed agents can take you through the process to determine your Medicare eligibility and your healthcare needs before selecting the plan that is right for you. Our team takes you through the ins and outs of Medicare Advantage coverage to ensure that your health and future are protected.

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Your health is paramount, and with Medicare Advantage plans through Ideal Insurance Agency, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you have coverage for whatever life throws your way. To learn more about Medical Advantage plans, or to check your eligibility or coverage options, contact our friendly team today by calling our Surprise location at (623) 933-8263 or our Glendale location at (602) 938-7579.

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Medicare Advantage Plan Glendale AZ